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How does it work?

Unlocking your iPhone couldn't be simpler with us at GenuineiPhoneUnlock.co.uk, simply select your network & handset information from either from the drop down filters on the Home Page or Price List page.

Select the "Buy Now" option that corresponds with your correct network and handset information, it is of paramount IMPORTANCE that you select the correct network and handset model, we will charge a minimum £10 Administration fee if sent to us incorrectly.

Once selected please enter your Name and address information or login to your account if you have previously created one. If you require multiple unlocks add any further unlocks by selecting from the Home Page or Price List page as required.

After all your unlocks are selected, click the "Proceed" button under the name and address detail section, this will take you to our "User agreement terms" as long as you are happy with these terms and happy with all content and information displayed on the website select the check box agreeing to this.

Please then proceed to enter your IMEI number(s) from each handset you are unlocking, please make sure that if unlocking more than one handset each corresponding IMEI  matches with the description underneath each IMEI box.


Be aware that if you are running iOS 7 and the "Find my iPhone" feature is switched on, you will be asked to enter the Apple ID password associated with the Apple ID linked to that phone when you try to turn off "Find My iPhone" on your device, erase your device, or reactivate and use your device. This can cause problems if your handset has been bought second hand as the previous owner may not have deactivated their Apple ID from that handset, if this is the case please see our iOS 7 page regarding this "Activation Lock" feature as this will prevent you unlocking the handset until the previous owners Apple ID is removed from being associated with the account.

Lost or Stolen Handsets

We will also don't unlock lost or stolen handsets, so if your phone has been reported as lost or stolen, we will charge a minimum administration charge of £10, otherwise known as a blocked or barred phone. These phones will not work on the current network they are locked to and unlocking them will also not make them work on any network as the IMEI number of the handset is blocked. Our unlocking servers will reject a blocked or barred phone as it is illegal to attempt to even unlock these handsets and you may be charged the full unlock cost so please make sure the handset is ringing out on the current network it is locked to before submitting your unlock request.

If you are sure all the above is ok select the "Pay Now" box and checkout using Paypal, remember you do not need to have a paypal account to use paypal payment services, you can pay with your debit and credit card also.

When payment has been succesfull you will receive an automated confirmation email advising of your unlock details, timeframe and costs. Please be aware that our service onlyworks on business days, Monday to Friday, excluding bank and national holidays.

You will receive a confimation email once your unlock has been completed usually within 1 - 10 working days, dependent on which unlock you have selected

All you need to do now to complete your unlock is to simply connect your iPhone to iTunes;

- Insert the SIM card you want to use or any SIM card other than that which the phone is currently locked to.
- Open iTunes and make sure you have an active internet connection.
- Connect your phone to your computer via data cable.
- Wait until the screen shows "Congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked" or the phone shows the network name of the SIM card inserted, in the top left corner of your iPhone screen, you may need to disconnect and reconnect the handset if this doesn't show within a couple of minutes.

Congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked, Thank you for using Genuine iPhone Unlock

---->Congratulations Screen

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