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Who are iPhoneUnlockService.co.uk?

We are an enthusiastic team of iPhone specialists who are tired of all the scams on the internet selling jailbreaks and fake unlock solutions whilst claiming to officially unlock your handset. We provide an official Apple iPhone unlock service which is done the proper way, via iTunes that won't void the warranty or brick your iPhone, your handset remains unlocked when you update your version of iOS or sync your phone with your computer. We can provide technical support after and during the sales process to help you get your phone setup for Mobile Internet, MMS picture messaging, transferring contacts from your old phone etc - all the sort of things that you would normally have to hunt around on the internet for, just drop us an email at support@iphoneunlockservice.co.uk.

We have been established in the UK as a family run business trading as "The Phone Tree" for over 9 years with a combined experience in the mobile phone industry spanning more than 20 years.

We can assure you we are definitely not a scam website, please check our Facebook page, Google+ page, YouTube channel and Twitter to give you the confidence that we are 100% legit and trustworthy. A selection of reviews can be seen listed on our Review's page; we let our customers do the talking. You can also check out our Facebook page to see what people are saying about us.

How can I trust iPhoneUnlockService.co.uk? I've alreadwy been scammed by someone selling me iPhone unlocking software

We are more than aware that there are several websites selling 'software unlocks' or "jailbreak unlocks" as they are sometimes known, for iPhones, a lot of these jailbreak methods are actually freely available on the internet, but will not unlock your phone. The jailbreak unlocks were only available on much older software versions before Apple reduced the programming code in their modem baseband, the bit of the phone software used to make your calls, this is what the hackers hacked in order to unlock phones the software method. Now the code has been reduced in this modem baseband there is no way to hack it via software anymore. If you purchase one of these jailbreaks your handset will still be locked to the operator it was originally locked to, if you require a jailbreak we can email you free of charge the details of where you can get this for free of charge, but we will make you aware they can damage your phone if not done correctly, so strongly advise against using them and take no responsibility if you do damage your phone using a jailbreak.

A lot of these fake iPhone Unlocking websites are rather easy to spot, the following list shows the kind of things to look for;

Instant Unlocking - Most genuine iPhone unlocking takes at least a day or two
Offers of free normally paid for apps - Free paid for apps are illegal, so you know straight away you are dealing with a fake site
Fixed price for all networks - iPhone Unlock Service prices are dependent on the network
No phone number to call for advice - or sometimes a phone number which begins 08 or 09, be aware of premium rate numbers - we use our retail premises landline number, ring us during working hours for any questions you may have
No online presence - i.e. on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or even a contact email address

Bulk Unlocking

Do you require multiple unlocks or are a shop wanting to setup a trade account with a reputable company, then please email us at support@iphoneunlockservice.co.uk to see what we may be able to do for you. For repeat orders we can offer a significant discount on our retail price if you fit our criteria, please get in touch for further details.

Unlockers Required

Do you work in the unlocking industry, or do you know someone who does, maybe in the unlocking department within a network, or has access to IMEI whitelisting for iPhones? We are always looking to bring new networks online. Are you looking to earn extra money? We pay very attractive prices for our unlockers on a per unit basis, and we are always looking for new unlockers to work with to help us reduce the price for our customers. We are always on the lookout for iPhone unlocks for all networks worldwide.

Please note that we are not interested in hearing from middle men. You must have direct access to unlock these units and be able to unlock in a short space of time at competitive rates.

If you are reliable and trustworthy then we would love to hear from you.

Simply email support@iphoneunlockservice.co.uk with details of the networks you are able to unlock, time frames and prices.

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